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A great way to store your guitar is to hang it on the wall. It looks great having your guitar on display, is easy to access your guitar for regular use while also saving on floor space. This can also be a great option if you have multiple guitars (and enough wall space) and can hang all your guitars along the wall together. This looks particularly great and keeps them all close to hand, allowing you to switch between them with ease. Below is a list of what we think are the best guitar hangers available in the UK in 2021. Hope you like them.

Quality Guitar Hangers (without breaking the bank)

Hercules GSP38WB Plus AGS Guitar Wall Hanger with Wooden Base

  • Usually around £13.99 - Prime eligible
  • 5 Stars from over 300 ratings on Amazon

Hercules GSP38WB Plus AGS Universal Guitar Wall Hanger with Wood BaseHercules GSP38WB Wooden Guitar Wall Hanger

Hercules Guitar Hanger Review

Hercules are a relatively new company in the guitar hangers market but are making a big splash with their AGS technology. Based on the south coast of England. The Hercules GSP38WB Plus is a well designed guitar hanger. It has a strong robust design and is built for reliability.

You probably noticed from the title of this quality hanger that it includes the AGS looking system - AGS stands for AutoGrip System and is a strong design that ‘grips’ the guitar in place as it hangs. The mechanism works by having two wings that automatically move up and down as you place the guitar into the yoke so that it opens as you lift the guitar out and closes once you have placed the guitar back in the grips.

The yoke itself is covered in a specially formulated foam rubber on all contact points ensuring the guitar neck is always cushioned and the finish of the guitar will be protected.

Yoke swivels to allow it to rotate to the best angle for the head design of your guitar.

Universal design means it can hold all types of guitars with a neck width from 40-52mm, which should cover most 6 string guitars and bass guitars. If using it for a bass then remember to hang it higher on your wall to accommodate the longer neck. With adaptors the hanger can also be used to support banjos and mandolins.

The hanger holds the guitar a good distance from the wall as well to minimalise the chance of it getting knocked against the wall.

The hercules is not the most beautiful mount out there and has a sleek industrial design in all black. There is the choice of a wooden back or metal mount. Personally I like the softer look of the wooden mount but that is down to personal choice. We have found both the metal and wooden mount to be very secure.

Hands down for me this is the best on the market in terms of security. If I want to hang a precious or expensive guitar I wouldn't use anything else.

String Swing CC01K - Guitar Wall Hanger for Acoustic and Electric Guitars - Oak

  • Usually around £14.99 - Prime eligible
  • 5 Stars from over 1,800 ratings on Amazon

String Swing Universal Pivoting Yoke Guitar Hanger, Oak WoodString Swing Pivoting Yoke Guitar Wall Hanger

String Swing Hanger Review

String Swing established in 1987 have been around the block a few times and it shows in their work. Although based in the USA their hangers are fully available to the UK market and arrive in good time from their UK distributors. They make quality products and have been one of the market leaders and most popular choices for decades.

String Swings CC01K is, for me the second best hanger on the market after the hercucles GSP38WB. In contrast to some of the other designs we have reviewed, the String Swing CC01K is simple and elegant. It’s simple design belays the care that has gone into building this hanger as it all works so well.

The distance from the wall the guitar is held at is ideal for the guitar. Not sticking out too much but making sure it's not so close to the wall that it may bang against the wall if touched.

The Yoke design is a simple horseshoe design which has arms that dip down in the middle to cradle the guitar head and hold it in place, similar to a hook design. The yoke arms have caps at the end, that along with the dipping design make the guitar very safe from falls. The yoke is fully covered with rubber padding to protect the guitar head as it is held and will not damage the finish of your guitar. The yoke is also designed to swivel so can hold guitars with a slanted head designs such as a fender telecaster.

The simplicity of the design also means it is easy to use for different guitar types and you can easily swap between acoustic and electric on the same hanger.

The CC01K has an elegant look, comes with a wooden base that comes in Oak, Cherry or Black Walnut. The yoke attaches to the mount via a secure screw but is covered in some simple black plastic to keep a clean look.

Cheap (and decent) Guitar Hangers

Tiger GST42-BK Guitar Wall Hanger - Bracket & Mount Included

  • Usually around £4.99 - Prime eligible
  • 4.5 Stars from over 400 ratings on Amazon

Tiger Universal Guitar Wall Hanger - Bracket & Mount IncludedTiger Guitar Wall Hanger Metal

Tiger Music Hanger Review

Tiger Stands (from Tiger Music Distribution Ltd) are a UK based company that make this decent musical equipment including this wall hanger. The hanger itself is not the cheapest on the market but is on the low end. Tiger have still managed to make a decent product for about the £5 mark.

The yoke is the classic horseshoe shape with arms that are slightly upturned at the ends to hold the guitar in place. They also come with ‘caps’ at the end for extra security. In addition to this it has an optional securing strap that fits across the front of the arms, under the caps, and across the front of the guitar neck, holding it in place. The strap itself can be a bit annoying as you will need to manually move it and reattach it each time with your free hand and isn't nearly as convenient as the auto grip systems used by some more advanced hangers. The build quality is good enough that you won't have to worry about your guitar falling and the strap, if used, will stop it falling from knocks.

The yoke is covered in a thick PVC rubber padding and is adjustable by the nut to accomodate all guitar head styles. The simple design makes it versatile and can be used with electric, acoustic and base.

This hanger uses the SDY03 yoke that has a width of 1 ⅞ inches and can be used for acoustic, electric and bass guitars as well as mandolins (some classical guitar necks may be slightly too wide for this however so you may need to get the CC01).

The mount and remainder of the hanger are made from stainless steel base and tubing so it is fairly robust. Be aware that screws and fixings are not included so you will need to provide your own (be sure to get them depending on the type of wall you are attached to).

Aesthetically it has a simple non-offensive black design. I like this as it doesn't take any spotlight off the guitar it holds, which should of course be the main focus and let's face it black goes with everything. Definitely looks better without the strap but is obviously more secure with it so I would recommend using it to be on the safe side.

It does have the same quality feel or convenience that more high end guitar hangers have but for the price this is a very good little buy.

ACTIMEX Auto Lock Wooden Guitar Hanger

  • Usually around £10.99 - Prime eligible
  • 4.5 Stars from over 30 ratings on Amazon

ACITMEX Wooden Universal Auto Lock Guitar Wall HangerACITMEX Wooden Guitar Wall Hanger

ACITMEX Hanger Review

ACITMEX are internationally based but have supplied the UK for years with a very good returns policy and are very well rated.

The ACITMEX hanger comes with an auto locking system imitating that of Hercules Stands designs AGS with ‘wings’ that open and close as the guitar is lifted or placed into the hanger. It holds the guitar a decent space from the wall and the yoke is padded with a rubbery padding on all contact points. Yoke will also swivel to suit all guitar head styles.

Mounting screws and rawl plugs are supplied.

The mounts base is made of polished wood while the yoke is made of plastic with a high gloss wood effect on it. The design is sturdy enough however and having the wood effect allows the hanger to be made at a lower cost while still being strong.

The design takes all guitar types from acoustic, electric and bass. Also hang a mandolin or ukulele.

Overall the design is solidly built and looks fine for what it is. The AGS system works well and your guitar should be secure. The aesthetics and quality maybe aren’t up to the same standard as some of the quality hangers on the market but this one is a decent design and offers good value for money.

Unique (and striking) Guitar Hangers

Grip Studios Custom Guitar Hanger Left Hand Facing - Metal Mayheim Design

  • Usually around £44.99 - not Prime eligible
  • 4.5 Stars from over 200 ratings on Amazon

Grip Studio Custom Guitar Hanger - Left Hand - Metal Mayheim DesignGrip Studio Grey Left Metal Mayheim Guitar Hanger

Grip Studio Hanger Review

Grip Studios are a USA family run company based in Michigan and have been running since 2007. They do supply the UK via third party suppliers on Amazon with prices in GBP and normal delivery times.

The design for grip studios hangers is unique with the whole design looking like a hand holding your guitar and makes for a very stylish hanger. Aesthetics this hanger wins ‘hands’ down (pun intended). There is a range of styles including right or left handed to suit your individual choice plus they also do a zombie mummy looking hand and even a design that resembles a tree branch or stub holding your guitar. All the designs seem to come with a good quality high gloss metallic or wood effect and will surely make a great talking point as well as looking good in your home or studio.

The yoke or hand, swivels to suit different guitar head styles and the inside of it is cushioned all the way round to protect the guitar.

The hanger comes with full mounting hardware with a threaded bolt that comes included with the hanger. Alternative additional mounting options are available such as a slatwall bracket or round mounting disk. The bolt standard bolt is perhaps not as long as it could be and in some cases you get slight droop. This can be overcome by using a Fischer UX8x50R wall plug which you should be able to get from your local B&Q or hardware store.

Overall this is aesthetically a brilliant guitar hanger and one of the most striking and unique on the market. For setting a great wall display for your prized axes then few things are better than a grip studio hanger. Especially if you want to show them off to your fellow music lovers (or even non music lovers) as they are definitely a talking point.

The main downside of these hangers is that they are not cheap and the grip isn't as secure as a Hercules or String Swing but they make up for it in looks.

Guitar Wall Storage Racks

String Swing SW5RL-B-K Guitar Wall Rack Mount with 5 Guitar Hangers

  • Usually around £99.99 - Prime eligible
  • 4.5 Stars from over 130 ratings on Amazon

String Swing SW5RL-B-K Guitar Wall Rack for 5 Guitar HangersString Swing SW5RL-B-K Guitar Wall Rack Mount 5 Hangers

String Swing Guitar Wall Rack Review

Established in 1987 and still a family owned business String Swing are a well known and respected company in the Guitar Hanger and Guitar Rack industry. Their reputation for quality is well documented and based upon their unique and practical hanger yoke design as well as quality build practices. Probably why they have been able to sell an impressive 10 million+ items worldwide. Although based in the USA their hangers are fully available to the UK market and arrive in good time from their UK distributors.

Assembly of the SW5RL-B-K takes a small amount of DIY with a little drilling and screwing required but the accompanying instructions are pretty straightforward.. This is no harder than putting up a shelf and is almost exactly the same process. The wall rack comes with a 122cm aluminium backboard that will need to be drilled into so you can make the holes to fit with where you want them to be depending on the location you will be hanging it. A simple drill (metal drill bit), spirit level and Philips screwdriver should do the trick.

The wall rack comes with 5x hangers, all with String Swing’s well designed yoke that is very deep, meaning the guitar would need to be lifted a full 2inches straight up to come out leaving it very secure from knocks and accidental collisions. Each yoke is attached to a 5-6” metal rod that is itself attached to a metal mount that attaches to the backboard on a slatwall rail design. The whole structure is very strong and means the guitars are held at a safe distance from the wall to avoid banging. These hangers are fully adjustable, with the metal mounts being able to slide along the slatwall rail groves in the backboard while still being securely attached, plus the yokes can be turned to face different directions. There are also endcaps at each end of the backboard to prevent the guitar hangers sliding off. We are very secure about the build quality of this item, as are String Swing as it comes with a structural lifetime warranty.

The yokes, as with all String Swing products, swivel to hold guitar with asymmetrical heads so the wall rack is very versatile and can hold all guitar types and designs. This is a truly universal hanger that can hold electric, bass and acoustic guitars with ease. All touch points are covered with rubber padding to both cushion the guitar while also protecting the finish even if your guitar has a nitrocellulose finish.

Despite its metal construction the whole wall rack comes in a jet black finish with a sleek look. Overall this rack is solidly constructed but that doesn't detract from its attractive appearance. The aesthetics are great and it will look very stylish in almost any home or studio. A great item and a fantastic and cool way to hang your guitars.

In summary this is a fantastic guitar wall rack for hanging five of your most prized guitars. The quality build and design means you can hang any 5 guitars, acoustic, electric or bass, of any weight, and feel completely confident they will be secure. Plus the stylish and sleek design make this a great addition to any room. A great buy.

Why Get A Guitar Hanger?


  • looks great as allows you to display your guitars
  • fixes to wall allowing guitar to hang freely
  • affordable
  • space efficient - great if floor space is limited
  • keeps out of reach so cant get knocked over - especially good if kept in a room accessable by kids or pets


  • bit more effort to set up than guitar stand as require drilling
  • need right walls (strong/ not outside walls/ not above or near radiator/boiler
  • make sure to check the max weight it can take and use quality screws (normally included with product)
  • may swing and hit the wall (can use wall bumper to avoid this)

What To Look For To Get A Quality Guitar Hanger (4 essential tips)

  1. Get a hanger with a head that twists. Certain guitar designs, like the fender stratocaster for example, do not have a symmetrical head design meaning the hanger yoke will need to hold the head at an angle so the guitar can be held correctly.
  2. Its worth having a decent amount of thread on attaching bolt so wont come undone itself (most good brands will come with this anyway).
  3. Look at wrapping around the hanger - best is rubber (should feel surgical and be squeaky). Uncoated foam is not a good option as this can affect the finish of your guitar if it has an ingredient called nitrocellulose lacquer (sometimes known as just ‘lacquer’ or ‘nitro’). This is what can give a guitar that glass like shine. Not all guitars use it but a lot do so it's worth being aware of. If your guitar doesn't have a nitrocellulose lacquer finish then you are completely fine with foam but if it does, or if you are unsure then I would suggest getting a hanger without foam.
  4. I would recommend never getting a hanger without two or more screws to attach it to the wall. I would also make sure the screws are of a decent length to ensure they attach to the wall well. If you’re getting a cheaper hanger it may be worth getting some longer screws if the ones supplied are a bit short.

Tell Tale Signs Of A Poor Quality Guitar Hanger

Short screws supplied to hold the base to the wall or very little tread holding hanger to the base. Both of these can mean the hanger is more likely to come apart and drop your guitar. I would also look at the yoke (head) as this can be too wide on some designs so your guitar can end up hanging by its tuning pegs/machine heads, rather than the wood of the head itself. This can at best cause your guitar to loose tune or at worst damage the machine heads

Mounting on the Wall

They do require some basic DIY skills and drill to fit but this is quite straight forwards and secure once fitted. I will write an article in more detail on this later but for now I would recommend ensuring you are drilling into a solid wall (brick for example) or if its drywall make sure you are drilling into a timber stud or joist. I would also recommend not hanging your guitar on a wall that touches the outside or is near a source of heat such as a radiator, heater, or boiler. For more information on how temperature and humidity can affect your guitar read here.

One concern that some people have is that the guitar may swing and bang against the wall. In my experience this rarely happens however should you be concerned you can get a wall bumper which can easily secure the wall to absorb any impact and stop the possibility of the guitar getting knocked that way. Some hangers also come with locking mechanisms or stoppers at the end of the yoke to further hold the guitar in place so it can't get knocked off the wall.


To avoid confusion wall hangers have lots of different names from hooks, mounts and brackets. The advice here is appropriate for all of them and the most important one is to get the right one for you (rather than the name). I hope this article has helped you do this.

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