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If you’re looking for a guitar stand and not sure where to start, don't worry. Firstly if your guitar is currently not in a stand, hanger, rack or case then you are doing the right thing by looking to get one and a stand is the most common solution to start with.

There are a few different types of guitar stands to pick from which each has its own merits so it does depend on what you are looking for. For an affordable or portable stand that can slip into your case or gig bag the best place to start is the Best Cheap Guitar Stands section of this page. If you want a more permanent and safer solution I would recommend either the Best Quality Guitar Stands or Best Wooden Guitar Stands sections (wooden options are more expensive but really beautiful).

For more general info you can read the information at the bottom of the page including Types of Guitar Stands, information on How Much Does A Guitar Stand Cost?, and information on What Damage can Happen to your Guitar if it is in a Stand that gets Knocked Over?.

Below should be all the information you need to get the best guitar stand for you.

If you’re looking for a guitar stand and not sure where to start, don't worry. Firstly if your guitar is currently not in a stand, hanger, rack or case then you are doing the right thing by looking to get one and a stand is the most common solution to start with.

There are a few different types of guitar stands to pick from which each has its own merits so it does depend on what you are looking for. For an affordable or portable stand that can slip into your case or gig bag the best place to start is the Best Cheap Guitar Stands section of this page. If you want a more permanent and safer solution I would recommend either the Best Quality Guitar Stands or Best Wooden Guitar Stands sections (wooden options are more expensive but really beautiful).

For more general info you can read the information at the bottom of the page including Types of Guitar Stands, information on How Much Does A Guitar Stand Cost?, and information on What Damage can Happen to your Guitar if it is in a Stand that gets Knocked Over?.

Below should be all the information you need to get the best guitar stand for you.

Best Quality Guitar Stands (without breaking the bank)

Quality/Premium Guitar Stands

Quality or Premium stand designs are not a type of guitar stand specifically but I thought it worth noting that there are higher quality stands available on the market. For better quality I look for something that is stable to protect the guitar from being knocked over while also being built in a durable way. For this reason most of the quality guitar stands we recommend are of the tripod design. These are particularly worth noting should you have a high value or rare guitar (or even on with high sentimental value). The designs can vary but if you are interested in looking at one I would recommend the brands of Hercules or Stand Made as good places to start. Well worth the extra investment to protect that most precious axe and can often come in nicer materials or more aesthetic designs.

(Buyers Advice: Tripods)

Hercules Stands GS414B Plus AGS Tripod Guitar Stand

  • Usually around £34.00 - Prime eligible
  • 5 Stars over 800 ratings on Amazon

Hercules GS414B PLUS AGS Tripod Guitar Standhercules GS414B AG Quality Tripod Guitar Stand

Hercules Tripod Stand Review

Hercules Stands are a UK company, based on the south coast of England, that specialise in guitar stands as well as hangers and racks. They are known for quality making a particular name for themselves with their AGS (Auto Grip System) and specially formulated foam rubber meaning their stands provide a level of protection greater than average and the GS414B Tripod Stand is no exception.

The tripod design is the stronger of the two standard guitar stand designs (A Frame and Tripod) due to having three legs to evenly spread the weight of the guitar making it more secure from being knocked over. Hercules have added rubber feet to the legs to provide maximum grip and stability for the legs. No stand is 100% knock proof but this stand would take a pretty big knock to topple.

The stand is Universal due to its adjustable neck height which uses a ‘clutch’ or grip mechanism allowing for simple adjustment between acoustics, electrics and bass guitars.

The yoke comfortably fits necks between 40-52mm and swivels to accommodate asymmetric guitar heads. Special adaptors are also available should you wish to use it for smaller instruments as well (banjos and mandolins for example). The yoke also has Hercules AGS meaning when the guitar is on the stand it is held in place at neck by two ‘wings’ that swing up automatically when the guitar is placed in the stand to hold it in place and then drop back down again when the guitar is lifted out. Pretty neat and very secure.

The design of the stand is one that supports the guitar from the head, meaning the guitar ‘hangs’ from the yoke with the base of the guitar resting against the foam covered two front legs rather than being support from underneath. THis is partly a personal choice but I would recommend a stand that supports the headstock in this way as should the guitar have a strap on (which is highly likely) or if you ever put your guitar down still cabled in then the strap or cable can get caught on the hooks the guitar sits in when removing it from the stand. This can cause you to accidentally pull the stand with it when you remove the guitar either knocking over the stand or, in the worst case scenario, pulling the guitar from your hand. The ‘hanging’ design hercules use helps avoid this potential mishap.

All contact points are covered in Hercules specially formulated foam rubber. This provides padding on all parts that might touch the guitar protecting against knocks and scratches. The rubber is specially formulated to be safe on all guitar finishes so should be fine even if your guitar is made with a nitro finish.

Assembly is easy with a straightforward two piece design, the neck with yoke and the tripod. The tripod legs simply fold out and the neck slots into the top of the tripod with the grip making it easy to adjust to the right height in seconds.

This easy assembly also means it can be dismantled and folded away in seconds for storage or transport.

Aesthetically the hercules stand is a black, sleek design (like most stands) with Hercules signature yellow on the tripod where the legs hinge. An attractive design without being too in your face, as you don't want to distract from the guitar really.

In summary this stand is well designed and well built. ITs not the cheapest on the market but it is the most robust and will provide the most protection for your precious guitar. Well worth the money and the best guitar stand on the market.

On Stage Stands GS7153BB Flip It Gran Guitar Stand

  • Usually around £22.99 - Free UK Delivery
  • 4.5 Stars from over 70 ratings on Amazon

On Stage Stands GS7153BB Flip It Tripod Guitar StandOn Stage GS7153BB Tripod Guitar Stand

On Stage Tripod Stand Review

On Stage Stands is part of The Music People! Inc. which has been building stands since 1979 and has a lot of experience in making stands for various different instruments alongside guitar stands.

On Stage Flip It series is well known in the industry and the GS7153BB Flip It tripod stand is probably the best in the series for protecting your guitar. On Stage do other tripod stands such as the popular XCG-4 OSS tripod stand however the GS7153BB offers 360 protection on the upper yoke and a longer neck making it more secure and versatile as explained in more detail below.

On the GS7153BB the upper yoke is 360 degree padded covering to fully support the guitar neck from all angles. This differs from the U or horseshoe shaped yokes you see on monst other stands in the industry which only support the back and sides meaning the GS7153BB provides much greater security than most stands on the market. The 360 covering is particularly critical as it helps protect the guitar from fret damage even if the stand gets knocked over. The guitar can still be easily removed as the side of the yoke swings up and down to all so the guitar to be simply removed and replaced for maximum convenience. With a bit of practice the mechanism can even be done one handed much like the Hercules GS414B (though perhaps not quite as ‘sexy’ as the AGS but still very good and maintains the same combo of being secure and convenient in one).

On this stand the third, or back, leg is slightly shorter than the front two meaning the stand sits back slightly reducing the risk of it falling forwards, which is the most common causes of damage. The legs themselves spread quite wide meaning the guitar sits low to the ground giving it a low centre of gravity and so making it more stable. The legs also have non slip rubber end caps to add extra grip.

The design means the guitar is supported from underneath by the arms of the lower yoke while the 360 covering of the upper yoke holds the guitar in place. The neck is also extendable via a key-way locking mechanism.

Velveteen rubber is applied to all the contact points which protects from bangs and scratches and should be safe for the finish of your guitar.

The stand itself is a decent quality feel to the build with the legs made of heavy-duty sheet metal tubing.

As the design allows the upper yoke to cradle the neck instead of the head then the stand should take the longer necks of eclectic guitars and bass guitars easily without the need for neck adjustment. This makes the stand universal as it is able to take bass, electric and acoustic guitar interchangeably. Plus the low centre of gravity means that the stand should remain stable even with the longer necked instruments.

Aesthetically the GS7153BB has, like many guitar stands, a sleek black design.

In summary this is a very good guitar stand. The 360 padded upper yoke cradles the neck of the guitar well and the wide legs, rubber gripping feet and low centre of gravity means it is very stable. The design also allows for any type of guitar to be used making it very versatile. All in all this is a very good stand and a great buy for the price.

Best Cheap (but decent) Guitar Stands

Cheap Guitar Stands

Any guitar stand is better than no stand and if you're looking for your first one then a cheap guitar stand is a decent (and common) place to start. I have mostly focused on Aframe design stands in this section as I think these often reflect the best value for money. Aframes are also great if you already have a more secure storage solution at home and want something small and foldable for taking to gigs or trips to the studio.

(Buyers Advice: Aframe’s)

Fender HN002527 Stand for Electric Guitars

  • Usually around £19.99 - Prime eligible
  • 4.5 Stars from over 350 ratings on Amazon

Fender HN002527 Mini-Tripod Guitar StandFender HN002527 Tripod Guitar Stand

Fender Mini-Tripod Stand Review

A world renowned music brand Fender are one of the most recognisable names in the industry for their iconic guitars. This stand is basically designed to be a portable stand to hold their electrics but would be suitable for most electric guitars.

The HN002527 design is a mix of an Aframe and a Tripod stand. It is small and folds down to an easily portable size like an Aframe but has three legs and so some extra stability like a tripod. It still doesn't have the neck support of a tripod stand and supports the guitar from underneath so isn't as stable or safe as a tripod but is still more resilient to knocks than a standard Aframe.

The stand is easy to assemble and can be set up in seconds straight from the box. It also folds down just as easily to make it very portable.

The touch points are all padded, including the arms that hold the guitar as well as the back support that the body of the guitar rests upon. The three feel also have non-slip coverings to add to the overall ability of the stand when in use.

Aesthetically the stand looks sleek and comes in a minimalist black design that looks decent when not in use but also won't detract from the look of the guitar when supporting your instrument.

As stated above this stand is really only for electric guitar as the arms are too small to accommodate the thicker body of an acoustic, however it will fit most electric guitar, semi electrics or bass guitars.

Overall this is a great little stand, more sturdy and attractive than a standard Aframe but also small enough to fold down to fit in your gig bag or case for use on the road.

RockJam RJGS01 Aframe Universal Folding Guitar Stand

  • Usually around £9.99 - Free UK Delivery available
  • 4.5 Stars from over 4000 ratings on Amazon

RockJam Foldable Universal Guitar Stand, BlackRockJam Universal Aframe Guitar Stand

RackJam Aframe Stand Review

Based in Manchester RockJam is a provider of beginner guitars and keyboards, also producing their own stands for both. A subsidiary brand of PDT who have been going for 20 years and own three other brands in addition to RockJam all in the music industry.

The RJGS01 is an Aframe design stand and is what you want from an affordable entry level stand. This doesn't match the quality of a Hercules or Stagg stand and some have found it can scratch the bottom of your guitar so I wouldn't put an expensive guitar on this stand, but for the price it does what it needs to do pretty well.

The stand is made from steel that is lightweight but sturdy enough to hold the weight of even heavier guitars. The supports are squared with two tubular ‘feet’ that are long enough to provide stability and are tipped with rubber to give them extra grip and not scratch the floor in the event of being banged. As with other Aframe stands the guitar is supported from underneath and sits on the two cradles or arms at the bottom. The design makes the stand able to take acoustic, electric or bass guitars so it is quite universal.There is no neck support so the guitar is prone to fall if given good enough knock but that is true of most Aframe stands. The arms are covered in soft foam and neoprene padding to protect from scratches.

The design makes it easy to assemble and it also folds away easily for storage or transportation. It’s also pretty lightweight at under 2 lbs (0.9kg) so is pretty convenient to carry around easily and use as a portable stand you can take with you to a studio, gigg or jam session.

The stand itself is sleek black with RockJams logo in black and while on one of the side supports. It's a pretty unobtrusive stand and wont take any focus off your guitar.

Overall I wouldn't trust a precious or expensive guitar to this stand but it's very portable and decent for the money. Fine for an entry level guitar and would make a good backup or travelling stand.

Best Wooden Guitar Stands

Ruach GS-1 Original Wooden Acoustic Electric Guitar Stand – Handmade from Mahogany

  • Usually around £99.99 - Prime Eligible
  • 4.5 Stars from over 40 ratings on Amazon

Ruach GS-1 Handmade Wooden Acoustic Electric Guitar Stand – MahoganyRuach GS-1 Handmade Wooden Acoustic Electric Guitar Stand – Mahogany

Ruach Wooden Guitar Stand Review

Ruach is a wooden musical instrument and stand manufacturer based in Northern Ireland. They started when the director was only 16 and made his first Cajon by hand in his garage. Hooked on the joy of producing quality wooden musical goods he has guided the development of Ruach which has since grown into an award winning business. This focus on handcrafted wooden creating is evident in the GS series of guitar stands.

The GS-1 is the original in the series and is handmade from Mahogany for electric and acoustic guitars. Though it is also available in Cherry and Mahogany and Maple. The design consists of two pieces of solid wood, the foot or base, and the neck. The base and neck slot together and are then secured with three 1 inch screws. The base also has eight small black rubber feet that provide extra grip as well as making sure the base won't slide or scratch the follow. The base is sufficiently wide enough to make the whole stand quite stable and extra grip also helps with this stability.

The neck is equally a single solid piece of wood that is wider at the button than the top to make it extra stable and provide greater support from below. The neck has a nice curve to it that is not only pleasing to look at but also aligns the weight of the neck and guitar to above the centre of the base giving a strong centre of balance. The yoke then fits into the top of the neck allowing the guitar to elegantly hang. Personally I prefer stands that the guitar hangs from over ones that support from underneath as if you often use a guitar strap, as I do, I find this can get accidentally caught on the arms that the guitar sits on when removing from a stand that supports the weight from the body of the guitar. This can cause the stand to get pulled over when the guitar is being removed which could cause the guitar in turn to be pulled from your hand to the floor. By allowing the guitar to hang like the GS-1 stand does it means that you can minimise this risk.

Due to the simple design the stand is easy to assemble. Simply slot the neck into the base, screw in the three screws with a phillips screwdriver, slide in the yoke, and you're ready to go.

The stand is not foldable so this is not a stand for portable use but as a regularly used place to keep your most prized and regularly played guitar close to hand for frequent use. The solid wood and elegant design make this also a fantastic feature for your house or studio as they really are quite beautiful.

This would be the first stand I would describe as aesthetically pleasing by itself rather than just making your guitar look good (which it does too). This stand is by no means cheap however it is definitely a head turner, you will very likely have people remark on how beautiful it is. Plus due to its strong design and materials it will also help protect your guitar. All in all a great addition to any guitarists house.

Dimensions: 300 × 250 × 1040 mm. weight : 2kg

Gibson Handcrafted Guitar Stand, Mahogany

  • Usually around £179.99

Gibson Handmade Wooden Acoustic Electric Guitar Stand, MahoganyGibson Handmade Wooden Acoustic Electric Guitar Stand, Mahogany

Gibson Wooden Guitar Stand Review

Gibson Brands Inc, are one of the brands synonymous all over the world with quality guitars. Founded over 100 years ago in 1902 in Michigan by Orville Gibson the company has gone on to produce some of the most iconic guitars in rock history. The Gibson SG and the original Gibson Les Paul guitars are famous worldwide and used by such big names as Slash, Jimmy Page, Angus Young, and Eric Clapton.

As you would expect from a brand known for handcrafted guitars the Gibson wooden guitar stand is made to a premium quality standard. Handcrafted from solid Mahogany wood this guitar stand is strong and stable as well as being very attractive to look at.

Designed to hold a Gibson electric or acoustic but would comfortably hold most guitar styles from other brands. The foot of the stand is a wide solid piece of wood sporting the famous Gibson logo and is broad enough to provide a good amount of stability even with a guitar in place. The neck is also a single piece of wood that is both solid but with an aesthetic curve that swings away from the body of the guitar reducing the likelihood of banging against the neck. There is also a black padded touch point to provide further protection.

The guitar hangs from the neck from a yoke similar to the design used by String Swing on their popular hangers. This means the guitar is held safely in place due to the good ‘depth’ of the yoke while also being well padded. As you would expect from a brand like Gibson they have taken care to ensure that the touch points on the base and yoke are safe for all guitar finishes so you can hang a Nitrocellulose finish guitar on this stand with complete piece of mind.

Aesthetically this is a lovely guitar stand. The solid wood and hand craftsmanship combined with its minimalist design make this a great feature by itself and will definitely help show off your most prized guitars.

In summary this is a strong and well made guitar stand from a reputable and recognisable brand. It is stable and will protect your guitar while in use. An attractive piece of kit, this guitar stand will also make a great centerpiece for showcasing your best guitars and will still look good even without your guitar in it.

Gear 4 Music

Best Guitar Stand Stools

Guitar Stand Stools are pretty much what they say on the tin, it's a guitar stool with a convenient built-in stand. These are actually very useful bits of kit as they act as a stand while you’re not using your guitar but also provide you with somewhere to sit while you are jamming away. This can be particularly beneficial if you are going to be playing for a long time. Especially if you have a heavy or bulky guitar. They can also be very advantageous if you are looking to use multiple pedals while playing which can be set up within easy reach of the stool. You can even hit two pedals at the same time without fear of falling over! Due to the extra legs a stand stool can be more stable as well providing a little extra protection for your guitar. It's worth being aware that due to the guitar weight being on one side they can be toppled over if you have a bass or particularly heavy guitar, like a les paul in. That said if you find yourself in a long practice or recording session and you have one of these you will be really happy you invested.

Stagg GIST-300 Guitar Stool and Stand - Black

  • Usually around £39.99 - Free Delivery
  • 4.5 Stars from over 110 ratings on Amazon

Stagg GIST-300 Guitar Stool and Stand - BlackStagg GIST-300 Guitar Stand Stool Black

Stagg Guitar Stand Stool Review

Stagg as a brand has a history that starts back in Japan where it was making musical instruments back in the 1970s. In 1995 it was relaunched and expanded by the founder and chairman of the Belgian music distribution group EMD Music. From their new headquarters in Brussels Stagg continues to supply musical instruments and equipment to the world.

One of these is the Stagg GIST-300 guitar stool and stand. This model is a folding stool with a built-in guitar stand. The whole unit can fold down to almost flat for easy storage or for taking to giggs or the studio. It is also easy to carry at only 4.5lb (2 kg). The guitar stand element is universal, meaning it can take any type of guitar from acoustic to electric. This is due to the standard variable arms that are attached to the lower legs of the stool. The arms are very similar in design to the Rockjam RJGS01 or other universal stands that support from the base of the guitar. The neck of the guitar is supported by a yoke that extends out from under the seat of the stool and is screwed to tighten into place. The yoke comes with a plastic band that attaches to the ends of the yoke holding the guitar in place.

The height is 25.39inches or 64.5cm which is a comfortable height for most people to sit on but may be a bit short for supporting a bass in the stand. The stool is pretty stable and constructed from black lightweight steel tubular frame, using similar materials as many tripod stands. The seat is padded with a black vinyl finish. There are two foot rests on the legs opposite to the stand arms for convenience and comfort while playing. The stool comes pre assembled so you wont need your screwdriver, you can open it and use it straight away.

Dimensions: 14” x 36” x 5”

Kinsman "KGS" Guitarist’s Dual-Stool

  • Usually around £39.99 - Prime Eligible
  • 4.5 Stars from over 520 ratings on Amazon

Kinsman "KGS" Black Guitar Stool StandKinsman KGS Guitar Stand Stool Black

Kinsman Guitar Stand Stool Review

Kinsman produce a range of musical accessories from stands, bags and cases to mics, amps and PAs. Kinsman is a proprietary brand of JHS, which was established near Leeds in 1965. Now an international company with its own purpose built warehouse and offices representing over seventy brands across the UK, EU, USA and more.

The KGS is a guitarists stool that also works as a guitar stand, very similar to the Stagg GIST-300 in design. It comes with a folding and locking mechanism and is solidly built. Weighing in at 8.2lb (3.6kg) it is strong but still light enough to easily carry, take to a session or put into storage. The stool folds down flat with the stand arms easily folding up to inline with the legs making this quite compact when fully folded.

The stand is universal, being suitable for most electrics, acoustics and basses. The arms of the stand are shaped in the standard way as many universal tripod stands supporting the instrument from underneath. This is coupled with a yoke with a safety catch to hold the neck of the guitar in place. The yoke is also fully retractable to under the seat to avoid being caught or snapped when folded or in transit.

The actual stool itself is comfortable with a padded seat that is slightly angled to make it easier to pay with the guitar on your knee. This is designed to help with better playing posture. The stool also comes with two foot rests one a few inches above the other to cater more for people of different heights or sitting styles. There are non-slip rubber feet for increased stability and grip.

Overall this is a well designed guitar stand stool. A good solid buy at the price and a good bit of kit to have in your arsenal.

Dimensions: 19.99 x 10.01 x 100 cm

types of guitar stand

If you have never knocked or banged your guitar I salute you, you are the stuff of legend. If however like me you have want to get some advice on the best types of guitar stands available to protect your guitar going forwards then I hope you find the following useful.


A-Frame stand designs are one of the simplest on the market and coupled with their affordability make them a very popular choice. They fold into an A shape (thus the name) supporting the guitar from the base and due to their small size and foldability make them great for travel (many can fit in a gig bag) or storage when not in use. They are not the most stable design on the market (I would not recommend if you have small kids or pets) however they are much much better than no stand. A great choice for your first stand or one on the go.

A-Frame guitar stand


  • simple and affordable
  • fold into A shape (with two legs)
  • despite their small size they hold the guitar well
  • foldability and small size makes great for travel & storage
  • good for their price


  • not great if they get knocked --> not recommended if you have pets/kids or if plan to be used in busy areas
  • normally holds your guitar at angle (leaning back) so may need a bit more room than just the footspace of the stand

Tripod/Tubular Stands

Tripod or Tubular stands are the next step up from an A-Frame design and provide additional support. This is primarily through the use of three tubular legs (inspiring the names) and an additional neck support with yoke (horseshoe design to hold the guitar in place). Due to the extra legs they can take up a little more space than an A-Frame and are not as portable however this makes them more stable than an A-Frame while still being very affordable and so a good choice for your guitars at home when not being played.

tripod guitar stand


  • more stable than A-Frame stands due to tripod leg design
  • also support the guitars neck, not just the base
  • many come with Auto Grip Systems or safety strap on yoke to hold head in place
  • like A-frames are popular with beginners (simple to use and cheap)
  • can take heavier instruments
  • most foldable for transport or storage


  • need more floor space (due to three legs)
  • bigger than Aframes even when folded so not as portable or storable
  • might need some assembly

Wooden Guitar Stands

Wooden guitar stand designs can vary and, like quality stands are not a type per se but there are a number on the market and the look and feel of them allow them to offer a different option to Aframe or Tripod designs which tend to be more formulaic and primarily made of metal for strength. Wood of course is also a strong material and although often more expensive than metal as a material it is also easier on the eye and if you are looking for something secure but also aesthetically pleasing then a wooden guitar stand design can be a great option.

wooden guitar stand


  • wood is a strong material
  • often more aesthetically appealing than metal designs


  • higher cost

Multi-Guitar Stands

If you have more than one guitar you want to store I would recommend looking at either a multi guitar stand, guitar rack or multiple guitar hangers. Multi guitar stands normally come in a circular design, sometimes spinning on a carousel, and typically hold three guitars at a time. They normally also incorporate a stablising element to stop the stand being unbalanced if one or two of the guitars are in use. They can take up a bit more floor space than a single stand (but a less than three) but are a great way of having the guitars to hand and can look nice having them on display.

If you are looking to store more than three guitars at a time you may want to consider a Guitar Rack

multi guitar stand


  • good for if you have a collection if guitars
  • many use tripod design but take three or more guitars
  • most are stabilised so won't become unbalance if don't have full complement of guitars on them at all times
  • take less floor space than having multiple separate guitar stands


  • more expensive
  • take up more room
  • can be awkward to grab guitar on further side of stand if not on a carousel

We hope this helps you find the right guitar stand

How Much Does A Guitar Stand Cost?

For a branded ‘luxury’ guitar stand you can pay up to £300 or more but generally guitar stands range from £10-£40, depending on the quality you buy.

For around £25-£50 you can normally get a good quality guitar stand that will be made of sturdy material and build, protect your guitar even if the stand gets knocked over, and has quality covering on the contact points to help protect the guitar's finish. For most people this will likely be the sort of range they will be looking for.

For £10-£25 you can get a guitar stand that will do the job well enough. It may not always be as stable or durable as a quality guitar stand but will be loads better than no guitar stand at all. A frame stands also normally fall into this category which can be useful if you regularly go to the studio or gig as they can fold down for portable use.

Anything under £10 as a rule, I would not buy. Unless it was some sort of bargain I would question the build and design quality enough to trust one of my guitars to it.

£50 is not the limit though and from there stands can go up to £300 or more, but not very often. Normally this is due to the materials used and typically a much more aesthetic design. The most common example, which works particularly well, is wooden designs as wood provides both strength as well as aesthetic flair and beauty to the room they are used in. This can add a real sense of luxury and class while still being a stable and strong place to keep your guitar.

What Damage can Happen to your Guitar if it is in a Stand that gets Knocked Over?

There are typically three ways your guitar can get damaged if it's knocked over while in a stand: cosmetic damage, damage to the frets, and damage to the headstock. To help avoid these it is generally best to get a stand with three legs for extra stability and one that gives full 360 protection around the top of the guitar neck to protect the head. It's also advisable to keep the stand somewhere it's not likely to get people walking past it often, particularly pets or children.

1. Cosmetic Damage → knocks and falls can cause dents or scratches to the guitars body or paint finish. While this is the lesser of evils compared to structural damage it is still something that is worth avoiding. Particularly if your guitar has financial or sentimental value (which lets face it, they all do!).

2. Damage to the Frets → if the guitar falls forwards it is likely it may fall onto the fretboard where the strings can cause indentation on the neck. This makes it particularly difficult to bend the strings near that fret as the string can get caught on the damaged fret. Depending on the level of damage this can cause the necessity to re-fret the neck, which can incur a cost and put the guitar out of action for a while. The cost of the work may also be more than the cost of the guitar if it is a lower end guitar.

3. Damage to the Head Stock → The headstock can be a structural weak point for some guitars, in particular those with angled heads. A bad knock or fall can cause this to crack or snap requiring the headstock to be replaced again incurring cost and taking the guitar out of action during the repair work.

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