Best Guitar Racks

What a great Rack!

If you need to store multiple guitars a rack is probably the most efficient way to do this. With the rack the guitars are stored laterally meaning they are easy to access and use the space more efficiently than a carousel or multi guitar stand. It can also be a great way to display your guitars so you can easily decide which to use or swap between tracks (or for the virtuosos out there even mid track!). Hopefully the information on this page will help you find the best guitar rack for you.

Guitar Racks for 3 Guitars

Hercules GS523B Guitar Rack for 3 or 5 Guitars

Hercules 3 Guitar Rack

  • Usually around £75.00 - Not Prime eligible
  • 5 Stars from over 1000 ratings on Amazon

Hercules GS523B Universal Rack for 3 GuitarsHercules GS523B 3 Guitar Rack

Hercules 5 Guitar Rack

  • Usually around £75.00 - Prime eligible
  • 5 Stars from over 1000 ratings on Amazon

Hercules GS525B Universal Guitar Rack for 5 GuitarsHercules GS525B 5 Guitar Rack

Hercules 3/5 Guitar Rack Review

Hercules, based on the south coast of England, are known for making strong, good quality products and their GS523B Rack is no different.

The design uses high quality steel tubing for the frame which is designed with a capital A design at each side and an extra thin bar across the back. This gives it an extra strength and stability over some similarly priced racks that have just one support bar each side and no back bar.

The rack has three contact points with the guitar, two at the base and one on the yoke at the top which should hold your guitar's securely. Hercules Specially Formulated Foam covers all contact points and they have put addition on the lower parts of the front side bars which aren't actual contact points but are padded in case you accidentally knock them with the guitar when loading or unloading. The feet of the rack are also covered with plastic to stop it scratching your floor should you want to move the rack or it get knocked or dragged.

The rack is designed to be Universal so it can easily take acoustic, electric and bass guitars. Unlike some other ‘3 guitar’ racks Hercules version will easily hold 3 acoustics at a time. If you aren't looking to use it for acoustics you may well find the 3 guitar version can hold 5 electrics and similarly the 5 guitar version could hold 7 electric guitars. Hercules even sell an expansion kit that can be used for this exact purpose making it a very versatile rack.

The rack is foldable and so can be folded down to a smaller size for storage or taking to gigs. If you're planning on getting a rack that you can fold down regularly, for on tour for example, Ii would recommend a portable rack. For use at home or in a studio where it will only be moved occasionally this is one of the best you can get.

Aesthetically, like many of Hercules designs, is built for strength in a sleek black design offset with a touch of yellow.

In summary from the outset it can be seen that Hercules have designed and built a rack with quality and guitar security in mind and to be honest, they nailed it. They have thought of everything from design strength, versatility and even extra padding for mishaps and making sure you don't scratch your floor. We believe this is the best rack on the market today.

Fender 099-1808-005 series Multi-Stand (3 or 5 guitar version)

Fender 3 Guitar Rack

  • Usually around £45.00 - Prime eligible
  • 4 Stars from over 60 ratings on Amazon

Fender 099-1808-003 Universal Rack for 3 GuitarsFender 099-1808-003 3 Guitar Rack

Fender 5 Guitar Rack

  • Usually around £50.00 - Not Prime eligible
  • 4.5 Stars from over 200 ratings on Amazon

Fender 099-1808-005 Universal Rack for 5 GuitarsFender 099-1808-005 5 Guitar Rack

Fender 3/5 Guitar Rack Review

Fender are one of the most recognised music brands in the world. Established in 1946 Fender have made two of the world's most famous and popular guitars in the telecaster and stratocaster.

Their 099-1808 guitar rack series is a classic foldable rack design that comes in models for 3 or 5 guitars. The series design has two contact points for the base of the guitars at the bottom with the neck rest supported by a metal tube each side and the feet sit in little rubber caps to protect the floor from scratches. The frame is all made from steel tubing for strength and with a gloss black finish. All contact points are covered by a foam padding to protect your guitars.

The Universal design allows for all guitar types from electric, acoustic and bass. Similar to some other quality racks the design allows for all acoustics meaning there is actually room for additional electric guitars if not used for acoustics. The 3 guitar rack for example could easily take 5 electric or bass guitars.

The rack is foldable, with the back and neck rest folding down flat against the base making it easier for storage or moving. Though it doesn't fold as small as a ‘portable’ rack it still makes it much more convenient for when not in direct use or moving around or between studio, backstage and home.

Aesthetically the design is the class guitar rack, in all black and will find in nicely in most studios or music rooms and is pretty easy to assemble.

All in all a decent guitar rack. For me not the same level as a hercules but a solid choice for the money and on par with most on the market.

Guitar Racks for 5 Guitars

On Stage Stands GS7561 5 Space Foldable Multi-Guitar Rack

On Stage 5 Guitar Rack

  • Usually around £64.99 - Prime eligible
  • 4 Stars from over 100 ratings on Amazon
  • Amazon's Choice

On Stage Stands GS7561 Foldable 5 Guitar RackOn Stage Stands GS7561 5 Guitar Rack

On Stage 5 Guitar Rack Review

On Stage are based in Connecticut, USA who have sold all over the world since 1979. They specialise in music stands and aim to deliver affordability and durability. I find On Stage products to be non flashy and reliable and their GS7561 5 Guitar Rack fits this bill.

The frame is the classic guitar rack design. Four feet, protected by caps to avoid scratching the floor, support the base from which the two back supports rise with a foldable joint so the back can fold down for storage and transport. Although the basic design is used by many other racks On Stage have just done it well. The dividers on the top bar that supports the neck are a nice and long meaning there is little chance of the guitar falling from the top once in position. The dividers at the base are done in a upside down U shape that protects the bottom of the guitars more than most racks. The whole frame has a sturdy feel and will be stable no matter how many slots are full or empty.

All contact points are covered in EVA rubber providing padding on all areas the guitar touches the frame while also protecting the guitars finish, even if nitrocellulose.

The rack takes all guitar types from acoustics, electrics and bass guitars.

As well as being foldable the frame is aluminium making it very lightweight making it very good for transport. I would still recommend a truly portable rack for tour this is complete fine should you want to use it for a gig or trip to the studio.

Separate parts can be bought directly from the supplier should you need to replace any parts further down the line, meaning this rack is easy to maintain for regular long term use.

All in all this is a well designed rack from an experienced supplier and it shows. Well worth the money.

Portable Guitar Racks - Great for Touring

Stagg GDC-6 Universal Portable Guitar Rack for up to 6 Electric or 3 Acoustic Guitars

Stagg Portable Guitar Rack

  • Usually around £115.00 - Prime eligible
  • 4.5 Stars from over 60 ratings on Amazon

Stagg GDC-6 Portable Guitar RackStagg 25011805 Guitar Rack Portable

Stagg Universal Portable Guitar Rack Review

Stagg have been making musical instruments and equipment since 1970 with its origins in Japan before being bought by Leonard Baldocci, chairman of EMD Music. Stagg relaunched in 1995 and relocated to their new headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Since then the brand has continued to supply internationally.

The Stagg GDC-6 is a portable guitar rack and folds into an easy carrying case making it ideal for use on the road if you are taking multiple guitars easily accessible backstage while on tour. While not in use it can fold down to the size of a single electric guitar case, but when opened becomes a full guitar rack that can store 6 electric guitars, or 3 acoustic guitars.

Assembly is easy, once you open it there are two solid side flaps that open up each side connecting to the back with a final flap that comes up from the back providing the neck supports. The necks are also held in place by clip down straps that stop the guitar even falling forwards so should the whole thing get completely knocked over the guitar will still stay in the rack and be protected.

The exterior is made of wood with a sleek black vinyl finish.The case has a sturdy handle (also black and has chrome plating on the hardware. There are two latches on the front to secure the rack shut when in ‘case mode’. There is also some additional vinyl layering and chrome edging on the corners for extra strength to the design.

The whole interior is in a plush black that provides a soft padding on all contact points, while also having a luxurious look which let’s face it, is pretty cool.

The whole thing assembles and disassembles very easily making it an ideal rack for touring or taking to the studio, but could be easily used at home just as well.

Dimensions (when closed): 69 x 53 x 13 cm (27.1 x 20.8 x 5.1'')

Guitar Racks for Guitar Cases

Ruach GR-2 Customisable 5 Way Multi Guitar Rack and Holder for Guitars and Cases - Cherry

Ruach Cherry Guitar Case Rack

  • Usually around £190.00 - Prime eligible
  • 4 Stars from over 140 ratings on Amazon

Ruach GR-2 Customisable 5 Guitar RackRuach GR-2 Customisable 5 Way Guitar Rack

Ruach Cherry Guitar Case Rack Review

Ruach is a Northern Ireland based manufacturer that began when the director was 16 and made his first Cajon in his garage. The company has since grown into an award winning business that makes high quality handmade wooden instruments and stands and the 5 Way Guitar Rack is no exception.

This rack is handmade using solid wood and to be honest it looks great. Structurally being made of solid wood also helps provide strength as well as aesthetics and makes the whole rack very robust.

The rack design is fixed, not foldable, however it is still quite versatile as it can accommodate acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars and guitar cases. You can also mix them up housing multiples of each holding five acoustics or five cases at a time or any combination of acoustics, cases, electrics or bass guitars you may have in your collection.

Assembly is pretty simple with a 4 step process.

To make the rack more study it is fitted with non-slip Rubber Feet to Protect the Base and help it grip the floor to avoid being knocked over should it get knocked.

This rack is made from an attractive Cherry wood however it is also available in Birch, for slightly less money. We think the Cherry looks nicer and is worth the extra but if we had one complaint is that it's not cheap so the Birch may be a bit more affordable.

All in all this is a great rack, great looking, versatile and solid. A great buy.

Dimensions: 835 x 835 x 500mm (Weight: 5.5kg)

String Swing CC29 Guitar Case Rack

String Swing Guitar Case Rack

  • Usually around £60.00 - Prime eligible
  • 4 Stars from over 140 ratings on Amazon

String Swing CC29 Guitar RackString Swing Guitar Case Rack CC29

String Swing Guitar Case Rack Review

String Swing have been making quality products since 1987 and their experience shows in their work. Although based in the USA their hangers are fully available to the UK market and arrive in good time from their UK distributors. They have been a market leader of guitar storage products for decades and claim to have sold 10 million items since starting all those years ago, no mean feat.

This rack is made specifically for storing guitar cases and so is the ideal rack for longer term guitar storage or simply somewhere to put your empty cases while your guitars are proudly out in their stands or hangers.

The design is sturdy and well put together using responsibly harvested local Oak hardwood. The design is very simple and does everything it needs to do. Definitely a less is more scenario.

Due to its simple design it is very easy to assemble, requiring only a screwdriver and goes up pretty quick. Once up it is strong and you feel it could well last for decades.

Aesthetically I’m a big fan of wood products so i would say this but the rack, despite its simple design is quite attractive and comes with a nice medium brown finish to the Oak.

There are not loads of guitar case racks on the market so I know there is less competition than on other types of racks or stands but this is in my opinion the best guitar case rack out there currently.

Multi Guitar Stand Racks

Ruach GR-1 Premium Wooden 3 Way Multi Guitar Stand Display Rack - Mahogany

Ruach Mahogany Multi Guitar Stand Rack

  • Usually around £149.99 - Prime eligible
  • 4.5 Stars from over 10 ratings on Amazon

Ruach GR-1 Mahogany Multi Guitar Stand RackRuach GR-1 Mahogany Multi Guitar Stand Rack

Ruach Mahogany Multi Guitar Stand Rack Review

Ruach is based in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland, where CEO Stephen handmade his first cajon, aged 16. Now the company is well established in the music industry, not only for their beautiful wooden instruments and accessories, but also as a platform for up and coming artists.

Nestled amongst their collection of guitar stands is the superbly crafted and stylish Ruach GR-1 Wooden 3 Way Guitar Rack. This 3 way guitar rack is designed to showcase your 3 favourite instruments, be it full size acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, violins or banjos.

This 3 guitar rack is handmade on Ruach’s site in Northern Ireland, using genuine hardwoods (mahogany and walnut) and birch to create a sustainable and durable rack with a natural feel. The tripod design allows for 3 guitars to hang supported at the neck by a yoke, with their bases resting against the bottom shelves. Touch points and the feet of the rack benefit from non-slip rubber covers to ensure protection and stability. The yoke is fixed in place, but benefits from being curved upwards for extra support when hanging your guitar, and the foam wrapping ensures a snug grip that will not damage or abrase the neck of your instrument.

Coming in at 1300x500x500mm and weighing 4 kilos, this 3 way stand arrives flat packed and is simple to assemble in 4 easy steps. Instructions are provided, and Ruach promise that you can have your beauties on display within minutes of your guitar rack arriving.

You really cannot deny the superb craftmanship and appearance of this guitar rack, and reviews on Amazon are a testament to that. Unlike many other metal and plastic guitar racks, the Ruach GR-1 is an ecologically mindful product designed by a company for whom quality and sustainability is key.

Whilst this guitar rack will look amazing in any room, it should be noted that the 3 way design means the base of the stand and the accompanying instruments is quite large, so space is required. Aside from this, the Ruach GR-1 3 way guitar rack is a sturdy and durable rack that will showcase your 3 favourite guitars exquisitely. We highly recommend.

Dimensions: 1300 x 500 x 500mm (Weight: 4kg)

What is a Guitar Rack?

  • A Guitar Rack is essentially what it says on the tin, a rack that holds your guitars in a row
  • Most racks come in different sizes, typically racks for 3 guitars, 5 guitars, or 7 guitars at a time
  • Normally will take bass, acoustic or electric guitars in any combo
  • You might need to check if the rack takes cases buy many will
  • Some are foldable for easy transport - if you're going on tour this is a must
  • Some come with wheels rather than feet but wheels should be lockable (if unsure check with supplier before buying)

Why Should I Buy a Guitar Rack?

  • A rack takes up much less space floor space than using multiple different stands
  • Its a safe way to store guitars as they are as protected as on a stand but due to their size and shape many racks are more stable and harder to knock over. Many racks are also able to store guitars in cases providing extra protection
  • Versatile for different guitar types and ideal for if have different guitar types in your collection
  • Some racks also have additional guitar holder sets available to be able to store more guitars on the same rack (for example a rack that can hold 5 acoustics, might be able to hold 7 electrics)
  • Your guitars are easily accessible for regular playing while still being protected when not in use

How is this different to a Multi Guitar Stand?

  • Multi guitar stands tend to hold only 2 or 3 guitars at a time and can be circular or in a carousel style, holding the guitars from the neck and base (like a stand) facing outwards
  • Racks, in contrast, often hold the guitars on their side in a line rather than in a carousel and consequently can often hold 5 or 7 guitars at a time
  • This makes a rack a much more efficient use of space over a multi guitar stand and are idea for a growing collection

What makes a good Guitar Rack? (6 Tips)

When assessing a guitar rack there are a number of things to consider. Here are some of the criteria I use when determining how good a particular guitar rack is that I thought you might find useful when picking the best one for you.

1. Manufacturer

Who is the manufacturer, are they reputable? How good the build and materials used are makes a big difference to the quality of the rack you will get. By no means does a brand name guarantee a good rack, nor does being a small or lesser known company mean you can't produce quality however some manufacturers generally are better than others, build to a higher quality and have more experience. Equally some manufacturers are much better at ‘housekeeping’ for example using better quality shipping and returns policies. Knowing who you are buying from can make a big difference. You may notice that most of our reviews start with a quick recap of who the manufacturer is for exactly these reasons.

2. Covering on the Touch Points

The touch points are essentially the parts of the rack that will have contact with your guitar when in the rack. This is where the scratches can happen if the padding is not sufficient or fails to cover all the touch points. Equally the material used to cover the touch points is important as some guitars have a nitrocellulose lacquer or ‘nitro’ finish which can be damaged or blistered by some, usually cheaper, plastics or rubbers. Some of the better racks use foam or surgical grade rubber to avoid this but it's worth paying attention to this if your guitars have a nitro finish.

3. Is it Universal?

Not all racks suit all guitar types. Some are specific for acoustics, others are better for electrics, or bass or even designed for cases. It's worth checking this to see if the rack is fit for purpose depending on what you are planning to use it for. If you want to put a range of guitar types on it I suggest getting a universal one.

4. Can you add extra guitars?

Some racks, such as the Hercules GS523B are designed to be universal, meaning that they have room for acoustics as well as electrics (and bass). However it is worth considering that a rack that can hold 3x acoustics will probably be able to comfortably fit 4 or 5 eclectic guitars due to the much slimmer body of electric guitars. Hercules themselves even sell an expansion set so that you can store more guitars on the same rack.

5. How easy to assemble?

Most racks do require some assembly however generally this is quite straight forwards. Some like a Hercules 5 guitar stand come basically fully assembled (the bottom of the rack slides apart into a triangle shape and that is it). In other cases there are instructions online should you get into trouble with some products even having a youtube video on how to do this. It's worth googling the rack name with ‘how to assemble..’ for more information. If you are vaguely DIY savvy you should have few issues but if you are unsure it might be worth doing a quick google search before you buy to make sure you are sufficiently supported on how to assemble the rack you want.

6. Aesthetics

As a guitar owner you will probably have noticed that most stands, hangers and cases are generally black and racks are no exception. There are some wooden models on the market like the string swing guitar case rack however that is not the norm. Aesthetics can be a personal thing however generally the black or wood look can work well as it is sleek, fits most environments and, crucially, doesn’t distract from the main show piece which is of course your prized guitars which sit on the rack. Protection of your guitars should always be the main focus however the rack is going to be on show in your studio or house so it is worth getting one that you like the look of too.

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