Affiliate and Data Disclosure

How We Sustain Ourselves

Guitar Stand UK is a review and advice site and all the advice we offer is made in good faith. We would never recommend something that we didn't believe in. If we review something and believe it to be below standard we will state so in the review.

Guitar Stand UK however is not a manufacturer, we use affiliate links to products on UK vendor sites. The primary vendor we use is the UK branch of Amazon as part of their Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This means that if you click on a link of a recommended product on our site and it takes you to amazon (UK) and if you buy that product we get a small commission for that.

We also use, where appropriate, other affiliate links or banner ads. We try to keep the site clean and informative. We do not use advertising pop-ups.

These affiliate links and ads enables us to sustain the website and keep providing reviews, buyers guidance and advice on guitar stands and storage at no cost to you the user.

Cookies and Data Capture Disclosure

Guitar Stand UK does not use cookies or capture or store your information (so it can't be sold or hacked). We do however have links to other sites who may capture your data through tgeir cookies or if you make a purchase from them. Please be aware this is not Guitar Stand UK capturing the data but that the other sites may do this. They should provide their own disclosures about this. We only use reputable affiliates to help ensure your protection over this issue.

Disclaimer: Guitar Stand UK takes no responsibility for any purchases you make or problems you may encounter with a guitar stand bought with or without advice from this site. Any actions you take are your own and no responsibility of Guitar Stand UK